Phys 218 — Dr. Welch
Greetings physics students,

This html document is provided as a convenience to the student. The intention is that it should reflect the same information as is distributed to the student during class. In the unlikely event that any information here is inconsistent with the information distributed in class, then that information supersedes this document.

This page serves the Fall 2011, Phys. 218 students of Prof. George R. Welch, Sections 521–524 and 534, which meet MWF from 9:10-10:00.

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  Class Syllabus

Here is the class syllabus in PDF format. Please print it and read it!

Students will have noticed that no quizzes were returned, and quizzes stopped taking place half-way through the semester. I apologize for this. Halfway through the semester, I became head of the department of physics and astronomy, and this position entails many new duties. In fact, very few department heads at TAMU actually teach a normal load because of the administrative duties involved. For this reason, I have not had time to grade quizzes and enter the scores. No one is penalized for this -- the quiz grades are just not used.


Homework assigned from the problems at the end of each chapter will be turned in on the Mastering Physics web site. The instructions are here.

Note: You need a course code to enroll. The code is: WELCH21811F .


Here you can retrieve the quizzes that were taken during class.

Exam Results

The Exams, solutions, grade distributions and statistics, and gross estimates of the ``curve'' for individual exams will be available as they occur.


Here is a summary of the class grade distribution. Text-only.  or   Graphical.   

Grades are now Online!

You may now access your course grades via this web site. You will be asked to log in with your TAMU NetID credentials. This are the same that you use for your Neo account.

Make sure to read the discussion above (under “Syllabus”) about quiz grades.

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